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 2010 Mission Trip 

Update 7/23/10:
Dickson and Humphrey took Myra, Reba and Trevor to the airport in Nairobi at 5 a.m. this morning and got them all checked in and on there way.  Can't wait to see them and hear all their stories!!  Louise spoke with Humphrey and he was very moved by all that has taken place over the past three weeks and is so thankful for all the U.S. team has accomplished.  He is very excited about his upcoming visit to the states and can't wait to see all of you again.  His schedule at this time will include him leaving Nairobi around August 10th and going back around November 8th.  Stay tuned!!

 Update 7/21/10:
Trevor, Myra and Reba are in Nairobi at a Bed and Breakfast.  Will be going on Safari tomorrow and then traveling back to the U.S.  They are ready to come home!

Update 7/20/10 from Cindy:
Today is the teams last day at the orphanage before they head home and they were having a tough time saying goodbye.  They met with the local womens group and presented them with funds that we have collected here selling their beautiful purses.  More purses on are on the way Reba tells me and they have already sold one!!  To Myra!!  Can't wait to see them.  The women presented them with handmade necklaces and the guys with belts.
I was so blessed today to be able to talk with the child I sponsor at the orphanage, Godfrey, and it just gave me chills and made me cry.  He is growing up so quickly.  I told him that I loved him and to continue to do well with his studies and that I would see him next Summer.  He makes the issues that I feel are complicated on a daily basis seem so small by comparison.  I would like to invite anyone who is reading this update to join us in Kenya with a personal visit.  You will never be the same!  In a glorious way!
Another update that we have been hesitant to broadcast until we had digested it ourselves was the fact that we lost our motorcycle this week.  Our social worker had to bail off of it at the last minute before being run over by a truck.  We are so thankful to God that Daniel is unhurt but the motorcycle had to be sacrificed.  Believe it or not, insurance is a requirement on vehicles in Kenya but we are uncertain as to how much of it will be recoverable at this time.  The impact on our outreach will be significant until we find another mode of transportation for Daniel.


Details from Dickson about Visa experience:

We left Sunday After I gave two sermons at the Gospel Celebration Centre. Took 5
hours to get to the B&B we were staying in. Got to bed at 9:30 got up Monday at
5 a.m. Rushed through Nairobi trafic and it took us until 7 a.m. to get to
Embassy. Then had to find a prking place.
Stood in Line at Gate entrance 7:05 to 7:30 for 1st security chk- 7:30 I went to
head of line because I had US passport. Got them to let me carry Humphrey in
with me since we had appt at 8 am. Then we went through another security chk
with screening and patdown greater than airports. Then we sat outside front door
from 7:45 until 9:45 a.m. We got called 3 different times  to process with 3
different people. they really gave Humphrey a hard time about staying 5 yrs on
his original visitors Visa but he had all his school documents and the student
VISA info he had saved from USA and that seemed to help but the Officer was firm
that if He is granted another VISA he will not be staying more than 3 months and
the time starts ticking from the day they decide to give him his VISA. The took
his finger prints and thumb prints then kept his Passport and other documents
adn gave him a claim tikt to come back and pick up the VISA and timetable they
decide for him.
I have sent Michael Ranneberger a EXPRESS LETTER 3 weeks ago and copies of
everything plus letters from Louise, Bry Harris and myself stating we will be
respoknsible for his stay. Paul and Ann and Humphrey think that My presence
helped because they think he would have been blown off otherwise. Another
individual like Humphrey was thrown out because he did not have good answers for
his situation and was denied Visa right ahead of us

Thanks for all you do for so many others.

7/14/10 Update (from Cindy Turner):
Louise and I had the pleasure of speaking with Trevor and Reba today and have missed talking to Dickson several times.  The medical supply crates have been retrieved from Nairobi and will be sorted by the team and distributed to the hospital.  Trevor stated that they have been very busy and visited two schools today along with Helen (Humphrey's wife), Paul (Kenya Connection Board Member) and Daniel (our Social Worker) and several sponsored homes.  Tonight they will be heading across the street from the orphanage for a presentation.  They sounded great and in good spirits!  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for this mission!!

 7/12/10 (from Cindy Turner):
Heard from Reba that Dickson and Humphrey's visit to the U.S. Embassy was a great success and that he is approved for a visit!!!  Don't know the dates or if it's for 2 weeks or 12 but we should know that part soon.  He had to leave his passport at the embassy for a week and is to pick it back up next Monday.  Praise the Lord!!!

Trevor, Myra and Reba visited 5 schools today in the Ikuu area where several of our sponsored children attend.  They also purchased several mattresses for the home due to some of the children using hospital mattresses so those will now be taken to the hospital for use.  Dickson and Humphrey are at the airport in Nairobi trying to track down 2 crates that were shipped over prior to the visit.

7/11/10 (from Cindy Turner):
Today Reba, Trevor and Myra all taught Sunday school and Dickson preached on the Mustard Seed.  Humphrey and Dickson headed to Nairobi and the rest visited Abigail (Humphrey's daughter) at her school and they were also able to visit with Julius and Freschia's (Kenya Connection Board members) daughter briefly.  Tomorrow they will head to Ikuu.  BIG reminder to all of us to be in prayer for the meeting at the U.S. Embassy tomorrow and for traveling mercies upon Dickson and Humphrey.  Everyone sounded happy and healthy!

7/10/10 (from Cindy Turner)

Just got off the phone with Reba and we could hear each other so well on the call that it was hard to believe she was on the other side of the world.

Reba, Myra and Trevor are all doing very well and send greetings from Kenya!!  They were so concerned that Trevor would not eat any of the food but Mrs. Ann is cooking up some great Kenyan local meals for him and he has eaten every bit of it.  They were all laughing and having a great time together on the call.  They spent the day in Cheera and took food to every sponsored child there and visited almost every home.  50+ bags of food were given out.  Mrs. Julie Graiser sent blood pressure meds to Humphrey and he is very thankful!!

She stated that 5 children from the orphanage are attending school full time at the school across the road from the home and from 7 - 9 every evening that all of the orphanage children go there for tutoring.  Reba wants us to take a look at budgeting and determine how we can get all the children into this school.  Myra has taught them all American football and they have cured the new building (soaked the walls with water) twice since they have been there.  Julius purchased 4 pineapples today (it's the best you have ever tasted) just for Myra and she finally has all of her luggage.

Dickson and Humphrey leave for Nairobi tomorrow and will spend the night there so they can be in line @ 6:30 Monday morning at the U.S. Embassy for a meeting regarding Humphrey's trip to the U.S.  Please be in prayer that the process goes smoothly and that Humphrey will be able to return to the states this Fall to touch base with all his supporters and friends here.  We love and miss him so much!!




I am Glad Gideon remembered me - that it brought me to tears thinking of him looking for me and can't find me at home-- that is so cute and heart warming to me.

Tell Cameron and Morgan the children over here love their Pictures and want to meet them some day. The Little sister of KEN MAWIRA was so proud of the shoes that MORGAN gave her. Wish you could have seen how she would run then stop and look at them then run and look again. I didn't have my camera handy to video it.

Yesterday REBA TREVOR, & MYRA went on one vehicle and HUMPHREY HELLEN & another young man who helps us went in Humphrey's car to visit the other children in our Program in their Care-taker's homes or Guardians and the day before (Wed) we went to their schools to visit the Teachers and Principals. Took pics of each child and got history on their families and self etc. We visited over 30 homes - One child I visited had a sibling brother about RUTH's age which has been born with no legs or Arms. The mother was taking good care of him in the best way she could. He is so cute and smiled at me when he saw me. I got some pictures --very sad situation. The child is not in our program yet.

Today REBA and Daniel went to buy some mattresses for a couple of kids in the CHERA District jungle they are currently sleeping on sticks. Paul and Hellen have gone to Meru to buy chickens which MYRA , REBA and TREVOR and OTHERS are donating to the CHILDREN'S HOME ( I think they are getting 40 small chickens today). TREVOR and MYRA have gone to the Home to clean-up the Chicken coup and rabbit Pen to prepare for new additions. Humphrey is working on things in the office and I am in town taking care of errands for Humphrey and others.

REBA, TREVOR and MYRA have really done a SUPER JOB getting things so organized and our days have been very prouctive thanks to all the hard work everyone is doing. We seem to get lots more done each day than we expected to do.

Humphrey and I dressed up in suits Monday to meet with The new District Commissioner ( who we missed last year but offered to do whatever he can to help us get lumber for the new home), then we met the New Forestry Director (he said the Govt had put a hold on permits for trees to be cut down but he was going to everything in his powere to find some one to get us some lumber) , The Director of Family Services ( who has been very supportive and helped Humphrey get a lot of things done through the Govt faster), then as we were heading home to change clothes and go work at our new home, we passed the CHAIRMAN of the COUNTY COUNCIL walking to his office (very important man, sort of like a Governor), we turned around and went to greet him briefly and it turned into a 30 minute praise of all that Humphrey has done with the help of the Americans and he said he would do whatever he could to find us some lumber for the- on roof of the new home. He was surprised to hear that Humphrey's team and workers had built the 2 nd home up to the gable ends already- on FAITH.

Yesterday, Thurs 7/8/2010 we finally got a call from HIS WORSHIP the Mayor John Wbabu to come meet with him in his office, (we have been trying to meet with him since I got here but he has been out of town and very busy), so we rushed home to change into our suits and got to his office with 15 mins to spare. He introduced us to his new TOWN CLERK, very nice man. Then John said he was surprised that we had reached the Gable ends of the new home. He said he heard from the Dir of Forestry that we needed lumber for the rafters and he was going to help us find lumber since he owns a lumber business and has connections. He said he was the man to come to and he was going to get his wife involved also to help pull strings and speed up the process. Humphrey says John his wife and family have visited the home many times and brought food which lasted over 3 months, plus they have been instrumental in getting other community leaders involved to visit and donated food etc and come play with the kids etc. John said he is very impressed with what we have done for the children of KENYA and he has used our USA TEAM as examples for the local people to follow. He said, "Dickson, please tell your USA Team and sponsors that I am fully engaged & committed with their project and intend to continue to help whenever I can. I will continue to get my wife & others in the community to help as well." The new CLERK said he is committed

Humphrey, Hellen, Paul, Ann, Julius, Frashia, Daniel, Moffatt, Nancy and the helper in Chera are all doing amazing thngs through FAITH and GOD's Calling.

0068- P.D. LESTER- 0068


I Got your e-mail too but the system in KENYA is so slow. We have had another good day to day visiting 4 Schools and getting updated pictures and life history of EACH child in our program. I also got to go deliver the $100 of food you and I had donated to KEN MAWIRA and Doreen his Mother - today. We just do not realize how good we have it until we visit the precious children in the home environment them live in. No Electricity, no water, no toilets, no baths, dirt and dust everywhere. Torn and tattered clothing but SMILES AND HAPPINESS ALL AROUND> SINGING ALL THE TIME in joy for their love of Jesus and Our LORD.

The last school we visited today was KATHERIRIGINI near our home and where some of our children go. They put on a show for us with the children doing traditional tribal dances and songs for us. Brought me to tears to hear their Joyous chorus.

We finally got Humphrey's Car fixed - Tie rods replaced, new shocks, oil changed, air-filter, and re-welded broken bracket of the muffler so it won't break.
Tomorrow we go to CHERA DISTRICT to visit more of the 130 children on our list to get pictures of them in their homes and continue getting History and data on their ages etc.

Sunday I am to preach at the Gospel Centre in downtown CHUKA with REV PATRICK sponsoring me to be there. Humphrey will interpret for me. Pray I speak the words God wants them to hear. I am preaching on the FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED.

I forgot to tell you that I got good pictures of ALAN GRUBERS CHILD and I bought him and his family food and things while we were in NAIROBI coming back from Geoffrey KIBII's place in ELDORET. I hope to get with Alan to fill him in on the Epileptic seizures condition the boy

I must go for now but know that I love you dearly and miss your HUGS!

0068- P.D. LESTER- 0068

I am in Chuka again- Humphrey's car is being fixed- the Tie-Rods on the front were completely broken and the shocks were bad so we sent a mechanic to Nairobi yesterday and he just returned now with the needed parts. The Mechanic's shop is located under a shady tree right down town near the busy hwy.

We have had another good day going to visit the children in our program in Chigoria in the jungle where they live.

On the way back we all stopped and had lunch beside a beautiful Mountain water fall something like Amocolola Falls in North Ga. We ate a beautiful picnic lunch prepared by the wives - Egg Sandwichesand Somosas (which are ground beef pastries -very delicious). Hellen prepared Pancakes this morning theKenya way and they were very tasty too. Their coffee and tea tastes so much freasher I guess because it is locally grown and no preservatives added.

This afternoon I will shop for food for KEN MAWIRA and his family- the little 7 yr old boy my wife and I are sponsoring- so I can take it to him Friday.

I have to go the CYBERCAFE' needs to shutdown now.

0068- P.D. LESTER- 0068

I'm in CYBERCAFE' Downtown Chuka. Power failure yesterday all over the country side.

We have made great progress on the new Home the Team of men are wonderful -finished working on laying the stones. We have laid stones up to the GABLE ENDS now. Reba, Trevor & Myra have been splashing water on all the walls to keep the concrete curing properly. Today we are heading to Chigoria to meet with some of our extended children of the area.

Yesterday Humphrey, Ann- PAUL Julius and I met with 1-The DISTRICT COMMISSIONER, 2- THE DIRECTOR of FORESTRY, 3-THE DIRECTOR OF FAMILY SERVICES, and 4- the CHAIRMAN of the COUNTY COUNCIL. We pleaded for them to help us get permits to cut trees down or find us trees we could get lumber from for the roof and they all agreed to commit and do everything possible so that we might have the roof on the NEW HOME before the USA TEAM leaves to go HOME. It was a very productive and rewarding day for all - Reba and team helped Ellijoy and Pauline at home and put water on the new concrete.

We played with the kids until around 9 p.m. - ONESMUSE and DANIEL of course were a huge BLESSING and the KIDS ALL LOVE THEM - REBA, MYRA & TREVOR very much.

We will try to meet with the MAYOR JOHN WBABU this week to try and see if he can pull strings for us to have Trees cut ALSO to make timber next week to build the rafters.

Please continue to be in Prayer for the whole team as we move forward with our very timely PROGRAM.
Myra just called (8:30 AM Tuesday) and said all is well.  They have been visiting some of the schools and also some of the sponsored children’s homes.
Myra’s lost luggage just arrived today.  It was one of her carry-on pieces that was too big and had to be checked.


They had a power failure in Chuka so they couldn’t work on the new home. Reba, Myra, Elijoy and Pauline played with the kids all day. Dickson and Humphrey were out visiting with Commissioners and Dignitaries, Forestry, Human Resources and someone who is high up there, big council man. They talked with them about cutting down trees for the roof on the home. They told them about the homes and what they are doing for the kids, made them aware of everything going on. They hope to get permission to cut lumber for the new home and maybe even get it put on before they leave for home. They also visited the library to see how it is functioning. He will try to post pictures on Facebook as soon as power is restored.


See below for an email from Dickson!  Sounds like things are really moving along with the new home!  EXCITING! 

I'm in CYBER NET CAFE' Downtown Chuka. We have made great progress on the new Home you can't believe how wonderful the team is that are working on laying the stones. We have laid stones up to the GABLE ENDS now. I will meet with the MAYOR JOHN W BABU tonight to try and see if he can pull strings for us to have trees cut for us to make timber next week to build the rafters.
I am leaving to go spend the rest of the day with Ken Wmiwira in Cheera Jungle now.

Our Love from all the Grandkids, Ellijoy, Pauline, Daniel and The KENYA TEAM.
0068- P.D. LESTER- 0068



WOW!  I  just got a call that made my day!  Dickson called---after 35 hours, he is safe in Nairobi and with Paul, Humphrey & Onesmus!  Dickson sounded great even though he could not sleep on the plane at all but did get a good night's sleep last night.  They stayed at a place kind of like a bed and breakfast called Farm Lane Gardens which is in the area near where we went to see the giraffes and elephants in 2007.  He said it is very quite and nice with a huge conference area, complimentary breakfast and gracious hosts.  Reba/Myra/Trevor--he has already reserved you guys rooms for the end of your stay---woohoo!  Today, they went to the embassy for Dickson to try to help Humphrey get a VISA and he was able to make an appointment for them to go back on July 12th.  Dickson said the line was really long and they would not let Humphrey go in w/him so Humphrey sat in the lounge in the waiting area and Paul sat in the car to guard the luggage.  Dickson called Chris and she is going to get in touch w/Robin Johnson to see if Robin's dad can put in a good word about the appointment.  I could not exactly understand what Robin's dad does but somehow, it will be helpful to get the VISA.   They also went to the hospital in Nairobi to visit Paul's brother.  He has had some kind of stomach problems and had surgery but is doing well.  Alan and Jennifer, they are going to try to visit your Kenyan son Alex today and see what types of meds he needs and try to help out more.  This is AWESOME!!! 
They were on their way now to pick up Moffat, Nancy and Baby Lily and will be going to dinner........said he would get lots of pictures of the baby :).  Tomorrow, they are going to the orphanage that Precious Pearls Ministry sponsors then on to Chuka.  I also got to talk to Humphrey and he is so excited for the US team to see the progress made on the new home!  He said he has lots of work for yall to do there :)
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