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 Mission Trip 2011 
Thursday, July 07 2011

Cindy got another update from Reba:

Humphrey’s car finally rebelled and decided it could go no further on those incredible Kenyan roads.  Unfortunately it was right as he was about to leave town to pick up Dr. Stephen Lowe from Nairobi but another car (Benjamin’s) was borrowed and Humphrey made it to Nairobi.  BUT….Mr. Lowe was in the hospital sick and was told not to travel so Humphrey arrived back in Chuka last night.  We are very sorry to hear that Mr. Lowe is ill and understand he just needs a round of antibiotics.  Even with this course of events, Reba accomplished all of her “to-do” list we left her with and visited all but one child on her list and made it to the schools.  Polly, sponsored by Bob Chandler, brought him flowers as a gift for sponsoring her…..very sweet.  They also visited with Doreen, sponsored by Jimmy and Katie Durham and the boy Myra and Mac sponsor named Dennis.  Dennis was in blue jeans that Myra had purchased for him previously and he said to send his greetings to Myra and Mac.  Reba also spent time with Linet, sponsored by Lynette Fisher.

She had to walk to Stella’s preschool, not too far from where she is staying in Chuka, in order to deliver school items to the students which had to be transported by Daniel on his motorbike.  Charles (he was the builder of our first orphanage), Stella’s husband,  was there too with their new born son named Jake.  You guessed it, they named him after Jake Mell, how awesome is that!!!!

On a bittersweet note…..she had to say goodbye to the children in the orphanage today and they serenaded her with a song in Swahili and she said she cried all the way down the driveway.  We all know that feeling, it’s so extremely difficult to walk away when you know you won’t lay eyes on them for a year or more.  They will grow and change so much in that time.

Plans are to leave Chuka in the morning by 9 a.m. and head to Nairobi for more washing machine shopping.  They located one on the last trip but found that a larger one is in existence and want to check it out for use in the children’s home.

Her foot continues to improve every day she reports.  Keep Reba in your prayers as she makes the long journey back home to us.

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Tuesday, July 05 2011
From Cindy:
Reba, Humphrey and Helen are back from their trip to Nairobi and thoroughly enjoyed their visit at the Hilton where Helen was stunned at the amenities and care taken with the guests.  Humphrey had to convince some of the staff where he parked his car that he really was a guest there for the night.  It's unusual to see an average Kenyan at such a place.  Reba used reward points for their stay so they would not have to make the drive back late at night.
The purpose of the trip was to meet up with a professor of Humphrey's from Erskine Theological Seminary, Dr. Stephen Lowe.  In addition to his visit with Humphrey, he and his wife will also be visiting with a child they sponsor in Chuka tomorrow so Humphrey will be heading back to Nairobi early in the morning to bring them back out to Chuka.  
Reba has plans to visit with four children tomorrow and 3 schools so we look forward to hearing from her tomorrow night.
OH....on their original trip out to Nairobi, they thought they would save money and wait and purchase fuel an hour away in Embu where the prices are lower but when they got there, riding on empty, they found that there was a fuel shortage and had to ride from station to station and finally came across one with a long line where they could fill up.  Whew!  Reba says they were very concerned.
Stay tuned.
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Sunday, July 03 2011
From Cindy:
Reba and Humphrey spent yesterday organizing for this weeks home visits to children and planning another trip to Nairobi to meet up with one of Humphrey's college professors from Erskine Theological Seminary.  This morning Reba taught Sunday School at Gospel Celebration Church in Chuka Town and then went to visit Victor, sponsored by Bren, who was proud to announce he is in position 2 of 20 in his class. There are only 4 chickens left at the children's home from the first group we purchased for their hen house so Reba put 40 chickens on hold for the home that they will receive when some chicken coop remodeling is complete. AND.....Reba had a jigger in her foot that the house mother, Ellyjoy, had to remove today so she is trying to recover from that and has announced to us back in the states that only closed shoes will be allowed on future trips, no more sandals. Jiggers are a big problem in Kenya where families have dirt floors within their homes. You can read more about it at this website, They are curable thank goodness and we left a great medical bag full of supplies with Reba and are sure she is making great use of it and will recover fully.  Also, the Marshall family made it home safe and sound and were bumped on their flight in Amsterdam to First Class......must have been rough! Especially after all that they had just experienced in Kenya.  They deserved some comfort!
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Saturday, July 02 2011

Today the Kenya team is back home! The Marshalls had a different flight home and I'm not sure if they're home yet but should be soon if not already. Reba is staying an extra week. She will come home July 9, next Saturday. The team was tired but happy to be home!

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Friday, July 01 2011

Right now the team is up in the air somewhere, flying back across the globe. Their bodies are telling them it's midnight, so it's dark on the plane and outside the plane. Some may be sleeping, others wide awake and wishing they were sleeping. It's probably cold and they're covered in the blankets the airplanes provide in the plastic bags you get, they may have eaten some gross plane food by now or will be soon, and there is probably some little kid on the plane crying or wandering the isles with a parent. With the little cups of water the size of a jello container, they're probably thirsty. A frustrating thing about flying is that when you finally do fall asleep, a flight attendant usually wakes you up to ask if you want to eat or drink when all you want to do is sleep! There are the same movies on the way there as on the way back, so there may not be any interesting movies on, but someone's probably watching one to pass the time anyways. Some may be writing about the trip, others deep in thought as they process the trip and their life from back home slowly enters back into their mind. The to-do list from back home is knocking on their door along with probably 200 e-mails and work issues. But it is still a good feeling to sleep in your own bed and see the rest of your friends and family again.

Their layover in Amsterdam will be a good one to eat some good 'ol McDonolds (that is WAY more expensive than here), or whatever else they can find, and walk around to see the stores in the airport. The moving sidewalks are always fun for the kids (and the "young adults" :-) simply because you've been on a plane for so long. They will arrive back at the Atlanta airport tomorrow afternoon, Saturday. Since they're flying backwards in time zones, they will still feel like it is 7 hours ahead of here. I rember coming home and trying to stay awake until a regular bed time to try to get back on a normal sleep schedule, but not being able to keep my eyes open through dinner.

The pictures below are from one of the boys who lives in Kenya. I found these on Facebook today. Thanks Alex!

The Kenya team of adults and the kids from the orphanage!

The American team plus the Kenya team and kids from the Home!

A time of fun!

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