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 Mission Trip 2011 
Sunday, June 26 2011

Louise called and said that the group split up and went to two churches this morning. One group went to Gospel Celebration which is a small church with beautiful mountains behind it that you can see when you go up some stairs to an upstairs Sunday School area, and the other group went to Humphrey's church which is a bigger church with wooden doors with intricate carvings in them. All have wooden benches and the doors and windows all stand wide open and usually both are packed with people of all ages. Everyone sits very close together. At Humphrey's church Michael preached, Layla led the youth service, and Reba and Brady taught Sunday school. There is an offering time there where you can sell your livestock - fruits and crops or animals - if you don't have any money to give. Whoever buys it, that money goes to the church. Drew got a chicken, and others got fruit and vegetables.

For lunch everyone got back together and went to a nice restaurant called Godka. All of the Kenya team members (who live in Kenya) along with their kids ate there and the money was donated by someone at Mars Hill and Louise said they were so thankful for it!

The Habitat for Humanity group came to the orphanage after lunch. There were 22 of them from New York, Arizona, Boston, Rhode Island,France, and the Netherlands! They asked a million questions and were interested in helping more.

The team went back to the Thuchi Lodge where they are staying to take showers and refresh for a bit. Tonight a lot of the group is going to spend the night in some of the houses of the Kenya team and a few are staying back at Thuchi.

Tomorrow they are going to visit homes in Tharacka where we sponsor kids. Louise said all of the kids at the orphanage are doing great and no one is sick. They can't believe they only have 5 nights left in Kenya! They leave Chuka on Friday morning and fly out Friday night, arriving back in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon/evening.

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