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 Mission Trip 2011 
Wednesday, June 29 2011

Cindy just called to update me! While it is 5:00 PM here, it is midnight there.

Today the went on a field trip with everyone from the Ameican team, the Kenya team, and the kids in the orphanage. The Ikuu boy's school let them rent a giant bus again that they've used before. They went to Meru to a museum where the learned about a tribe - their background, dances, etc. and saw monkeys, crocodiles, and snakes. They went to a private park in Meru that was beautiful and hung out with the kids from the orphanage, had lunch, played games, and rested / had some down time that was much needed.

Tonight they had a board meeting with everyone from the American team and the Kenya team. Their plan was to meet for an hour, but it ended up being two and a half hours! They talked about the future of the new orphanage that is close to being finished I believe, future containers that will be sent from us to them, the home visits they made this trip and their obsevations from that, and what they will be doing moving into the future. There was a lot of heavy and deep discussion but they walked away with ideas and goals for the future from their prodcutive meeting!

Tonight they are packing a little bit since tomorrow is their last day at Thuchi with tomorrow night being their last night there. Tomorrow they will sleep in a little bit, go to a lookout where they take pictures with the beautiful green scenery behind them that we go to every year, and then go to a snack at Humphrey's house. They will then go to see Humphrey's mom's group, a women's group, which we visit every year as well. They always sing and dance for us and make purses for us to buy and sell them here in America. They will finish up their day by spending their time at the orphanage and it will be a hard time for them to say goodbye tomorrow night! Last year there were many tears! Friday is when they will pack up from Thuchi early in the morning and make their journey to the airport, but probably with something fun along the way.

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