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 Mission Trip 2011 
Friday, July 01 2011

Right now the team is up in the air somewhere, flying back across the globe. Their bodies are telling them it's midnight, so it's dark on the plane and outside the plane. Some may be sleeping, others wide awake and wishing they were sleeping. It's probably cold and they're covered in the blankets the airplanes provide in the plastic bags you get, they may have eaten some gross plane food by now or will be soon, and there is probably some little kid on the plane crying or wandering the isles with a parent. With the little cups of water the size of a jello container, they're probably thirsty. A frustrating thing about flying is that when you finally do fall asleep, a flight attendant usually wakes you up to ask if you want to eat or drink when all you want to do is sleep! There are the same movies on the way there as on the way back, so there may not be any interesting movies on, but someone's probably watching one to pass the time anyways. Some may be writing about the trip, others deep in thought as they process the trip and their life from back home slowly enters back into their mind. The to-do list from back home is knocking on their door along with probably 200 e-mails and work issues. But it is still a good feeling to sleep in your own bed and see the rest of your friends and family again.

Their layover in Amsterdam will be a good one to eat some good 'ol McDonolds (that is WAY more expensive than here), or whatever else they can find, and walk around to see the stores in the airport. The moving sidewalks are always fun for the kids (and the "young adults" :-) simply because you've been on a plane for so long. They will arrive back at the Atlanta airport tomorrow afternoon, Saturday. Since they're flying backwards in time zones, they will still feel like it is 7 hours ahead of here. I rember coming home and trying to stay awake until a regular bed time to try to get back on a normal sleep schedule, but not being able to keep my eyes open through dinner.

The pictures below are from one of the boys who lives in Kenya. I found these on Facebook today. Thanks Alex!

The Kenya team of adults and the kids from the orphanage!

The American team plus the Kenya team and kids from the Home!

A time of fun!

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