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 Mission Trip 2011 
Tuesday, July 05 2011
From Cindy:
Reba, Humphrey and Helen are back from their trip to Nairobi and thoroughly enjoyed their visit at the Hilton where Helen was stunned at the amenities and care taken with the guests.  Humphrey had to convince some of the staff where he parked his car that he really was a guest there for the night.  It's unusual to see an average Kenyan at such a place.  Reba used reward points for their stay so they would not have to make the drive back late at night.
The purpose of the trip was to meet up with a professor of Humphrey's from Erskine Theological Seminary, Dr. Stephen Lowe.  In addition to his visit with Humphrey, he and his wife will also be visiting with a child they sponsor in Chuka tomorrow so Humphrey will be heading back to Nairobi early in the morning to bring them back out to Chuka.  
Reba has plans to visit with four children tomorrow and 3 schools so we look forward to hearing from her tomorrow night.
OH....on their original trip out to Nairobi, they thought they would save money and wait and purchase fuel an hour away in Embu where the prices are lower but when they got there, riding on empty, they found that there was a fuel shortage and had to ride from station to station and finally came across one with a long line where they could fill up.  Whew!  Reba says they were very concerned.
Stay tuned.
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