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Wednesday, July 18 2012


Just got off the phone with the clearing agent.  The truck and container are on their way to Nairobi now. Because the container could not get there last night and the TEAM has left to go back to Nairobi to begin their Journey home, Humphrey wisely decided to postpone the delivery until Sat.  It would not be possible for the container to be delivered before Sat. because no one will be there to handle it.

Therefore the journey continues for GOD’s Little Ark which HE made arrangements for and He will have it delivered in HIS TIMING not ours.


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Wednesday, July 18 2012
This was Myra's last call from Chuka as they are leaving at 6am for Nairobi in the morning.  They will stay at Lucy's B&B Thursday night and go to the airport Friday morning.

They spend today at the orphanage with the children and said their goodbys. 

She said they would be able to relax when they get on board the KLM plane in Amsterdam.  There is only a one hour layover from when the Kenya Air flight is due to land and KLM is due to take off.  They plan to run through the airport. 

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Wednesday, July 18 2012

Andy is busy building EllyJoy a new clothes line in a different location because the current one does not receive enough sunlight.  Go Andy!!  Total cost of the project is 5400 shillings which amounts to about $73.

They plan to spend the evening at the orphanage with another "project" for the kids and will be leaving around 6 a.m.  tomorrow for Nairobi in order to meet up with Moffatt and visit our sponsored children there.  They will also be going to Hot Point in order to get some assistance with the washer and dryer combo unit that serves the home.

Malaria is taking a toll again on a few of our Kenya folks.  Millicent and Victor, children who live in the home, both have it and are receiving meds today at the hospital along with Helen and Freschia who are two of our board members.  Pray for their quick recovery because malaria is so rough on the body that your body puts all its energy into dealing with it and can cause you to stop growing and developing temporarily.

Reba said they are looking forward to being home soon.  She will be bringing a copy of the DVD of Daniels wedding for us all to see....can't believe he is a married man!  What a catch he is.  We are so excited for him!


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Tuesday, July 17 2012

From Mack - "They were at the school in Cheera this morning and Myra called to let each child in the class talk with me to say Hello. What a 'joy' it was to hear their voices at 4:30 this morning."

They expect to spend tomorrow at the orphanage with the children before leaving for Nairobi Thursday morning.  This means they will miss the arrival of the container.  They hate to miss seeing it role into close. But this will give Alan and Jennifer Gruber a huge project for their trip in a few weeks.

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Tuesday, July 17 2012


Talked with the Clearing agent and the CONTAINER is out of the port of Mombasa, however, the truck that is carrying it only made it a few miles out of Mombasa to the first RIVER BRIDGE CROSSING and it broke down.

They have been working on it for hours and if it is not repaired in another hour the Trucking Company will dispatch another truck to change out and continue to Chuka.

As it stands now it will not get to CHUKA until sometime tomorrow. It is already 8:22 p.m. in Mombasa, KENYA.

Humphrey has been notified and we had the trucking Company call to explain the details to Humphrey.

For a container which was suppose to have arrive d May 18th we sure have been attacked from every angle just to get this far, so PLEASE KEEP PRAYING God has a Plan and we don’t know what it is.


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Monday, July 16 2012

Myra called to say that they attended a local church and each taught a Sunday School class then went to the Destination Hotel for lunch. Later went to the orphanage and played cards with the children.

Yesterday Reba, Andy, and Humphery went to Muru to visit a sponsored girl who hadn't been seen in three years. She is in a boarding school and hadn't seen her mother in three years. They were able to take the mother on the trip.

Friday they visited Chera for Chera Connection Day where they visited several children. Myra was able to visit with Dennis, our sponsored child, at this house.

They were in a blackout when she called, apparently a common condition when the power goes off in the area.

Sunday night and still no container. Myra had me call Dixon who tried but wasn't able to contact Alice to check the status. In theory it was loaded on the truck Saturday morning and should have arrived today.

They will leave Chuka early Thursday for Nairobi where they will meet with the six sponsored children in that area. They will spend the night at the B&B in town before going to the airport Friday morning.


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Friday, July 13 2012
Andy took the inop. washing machine from the orphanage to Nairobi to get it fixed under warranty. They have to send it to some repair shop and will deliver it back to the orphanage.

Tomorrow they plan to take the children to some local park to play soccer, badminton, etc.They understand that the container will arrive in Chuka on Saturday and have several people waiting to help unload and have a truck ready to deliver the hospital things.

Wednesday they went back to Tharaka and delivered water and food that Myra and Reba had purchased. She said the children were sooooo thankful and kept saying God Bless You.
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Monday, July 09 2012

Myra just called (Sunday) and they are all doing well.

Today was a relaxing day since Reba didn't sleep well last night. They attended Humphery's church and each taught a sunday school class then returned to the orphanage to be with the children. Reba needed to rest.
Tomorrow they plan to visit the pre-school and continue working on the old containers, hanging bicycles, etc on the walls. Apparently they rent the bicycles out to make money. They have sold the old red container (the first one we sent over) but have to clean it out first.

Myra sounded good and is enjoying the trip.

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Thursday, July 05 2012

Mack spoke with Myra and they are doing well. They spent the day at a school in Kathigirini where Myra and Reba each taught two classes about the USA. Over 500 children attended the classes and then they played games with them. They then returned to the orphanage where they did crafts with the children. The plan is to go to another smaller school tomorrow. Myra said Reba and Andy are staying with Humphery and Helen for this first week and then moving to another home.

Phyllis, Onesmus wife, has been assisting Myra with the resource center at the orphanage. Andy, Jesse and Onsemus are working on clearing the large container on the orphanage property.  Ellyjoy and Pauline have made sure no one misses a meal or tea-time.

Reba says that Ben, our night watchman, has a small office now on the grounds as well and is very excited about it!  Helen and Daniel have been out negotiating a good price for new mattresses for the homes and in the process were also given a blanket for each bed.  They have purchased 15 fuel containers for lantern fuel for whenever the container arrives and the boy and girl kits can be delivered.  Both Reba and Andy plan to stay in the new orphanage this Friday evening when the kids have movie night.

Stay tuned!!

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Tuesday, July 03 2012

She stated they are doing well and staying busy.  Have already changed the schedule many times....on Plan K about now, but things are moving right along.  They have purchased the items to complete the boy and girl kits so when the container arrives, they will be ready to deliver.

Andy is busy getting all items off the floor of the container on-site now by hooking the ladders and bikes to the ceiling and upper walls.  This way they will have a place to transfer items while they fish out the boy and girl kits when the new container arrives.  They are praying the container makes it to them before they leave to head back to the states.  Or....Jennifer and Alan Gruber are going to have a lot to do when they arrive in Kenya in a few weeks from now!!

Andy has also been busy on the grounds of the orphanage as they purchased hibiscus and palm trees on their way out to Chuka.  If Andy is working on know it will be beautiful.  Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Wish I was in Kenya.....Cindy


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