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Saturday, June 16 2012

Update from Cindy:

The container is in Nairobi and should be in Chuka by next Tues or Wed!! Chuka University is going to loan Humphrey a piece of equipment to off load the container so men with ropes will not have to do it this time. I just can’t imagine trying to do it with manpower!! But the Kenyans always find a way.

Mayor Babu and several other business men visited the home and committed to take each of the children to work with them one day so the children could observe them at work and see what its like in each of their respective fields. Very exciting news. The mayor is also going to work with Humphrey to help him obtain use of some type of machine to help him make re-fab bricks so the building costs will come down for us in the future.

The seminary school that Humphrey and Dickson have been a part of the past several days hosted 25 ministers in Chuka and they are so excited about the way the project has turned out. They hit the streets one afternoon and spoke with 89 individuals and 39 of those gave their lives to Christ. So, the newly trained ministers already have folks to follow-up on.

He says the weather has been perfect! With Americans in short-sleeves and the Kenyans putting on heavy coats as it is winter time there.

Dickson mentioned having breakfast with an Arch Bishop and that another man in the room kept starring at him. When the meeting was over the man approached him and said he had heard Dickson speak before in Dallas, GA, 6 years ago, about his work in Kenya and that he was a troubled man and wanted to talk but Dickson and Humphrey had no time as they were then headed to Nairobi. So, the man followed them to Nairobi in order to have dinner with them. He mentioned that he was a man of great means that had not given himself to the Lord and that he wanted to help and give to the ministry so there is no telling what kind of connection he will have to us in the future. God is amazing!

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Tuesday, June 12 2012
Greetings in the Name of our Precious LORD!
As Humphrey says;

First the GREAT NEWS on the CONTAINER, THE SHIP pulled in SAT to Mombasa
and our Container was offloaded Monday afternoon. We are waiting to hear
from our Clearing agents when we will be in line for the process to
start with CUATOMS. They will give us preliminary costs sometime by the
end of this week then the VERIFICATION PROCESS will start.
Please pray that the CUSTOMS OFFICIALS will push this through without
extra DUTY or PORT FEES. I had a very difficult time getting my 2 Extra
pieces of luggage out of Customs when I arrived because they had
categorized my personal stuff as DONATIONS which comes with higher duty?

We are working with HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR John WBABU to determine if we
can get a unit to help us remove the container when it arrives in Chuka
sometime next week. Pray we can get a Crawler to Crane to help.

Computer INTERNET connections have been especially challenging this
trip, so we are sorry for such delays in getting info to you.

Humphrey is so excited to realize that after 12 years of praying for and
remembering the dream GOD planted in his mind to start a school of
Theology in CHUKA KENYA, has finally come alive!

going very well.

We picked up the ISTL TEAM from the Airport last Sunday at 3:30a.m.-
slept at LUCY'S B&B for 5 hrs then headed to Chuka with Onesmus.

On our trip to CHUKA one of the Ministers, GARRETT INLOW, from South
Georgia, used my KENYA PHONE to call in to his WEEKLY RADIO SHOW on WMGR
930 AM in BAINBRIDGE GEORGIA which has over 10,000 listeners each Sunday
morning for the REV.'s Program and he interviewed REV HUMPHREY MUTHENGI
as we traveled at 70 mph Chuka with Onesmus! That was one awesome
interview and HUMPHREY as usual did a great job of letting all the
listeners know what a BLESSING we have been bestowed in working with the
orphans of KENYA.

We arrived in CHUKA at 4:30 just in time to unload clean up and begin
greeting the Ministers as they arrived for the CONFERWNCE. We ate
dinner at
6 and started our program at "7;30ish" KENYA TIME. Everything is going

Every session, class and Meal begins with Mighty prayers which our USA
TEAM has also experienced while here.

They are even praying for you in the USA!!

Great interactions from all. At 6:30 a.m. the ISTL THEOLOGY TRAINERS,
DAVID< BRIAN< GARRETT<&DANIEL, told me in the past 4 years training
throughout many countries, they have never seen such BLESSINGS coming
from the Participants!.

Attached please find several pictures which Humphrey wishes to share
with you and to thank you for your support for KENYA CONNECTION

I will try to send more updates later.

May GOD Continue HIS BLESSINGS on you and your Family

P. Dickson Lester
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Tuesday, June 12 2012

Email from Dickson:

First leg to Amsterdam has been uneventful.

The new ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL CONCOURSE which is accessible from I-75 at Exit 239 IS WONDERFUL TO FLY OUT OF no hassles and well organized security. So much easier than the previous domestic end.

Chris, Morgan Cameron and April were even allowed to come with me to the departure gate and hang out.

I met a BLUEGRASS BAND that was on my flight going to FINLAND to a BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL they are from ASHVILLE, NC. We are to get up with each other on my return.

We flew out after the rain in bright sunlight chasing the nightfall & Sunrise of Amsterdam.

The MOON was very bright all the way into Amsterdam.

The flight was close to 9 hours and I will have a 6 hour layover until the next plan leaves for Kenya. I will arrive 8:15 p.m. Nairobi time Tues. night which is 1:15p.m. EST.

Sleeping was very difficult this time but I managed to get about 3 hours lots of little voices having fun and some crying.

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