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Tuesday, July 03 2012

She stated they are doing well and staying busy.  Have already changed the schedule many times....on Plan K about now, but things are moving right along.  They have purchased the items to complete the boy and girl kits so when the container arrives, they will be ready to deliver.

Andy is busy getting all items off the floor of the container on-site now by hooking the ladders and bikes to the ceiling and upper walls.  This way they will have a place to transfer items while they fish out the boy and girl kits when the new container arrives.  They are praying the container makes it to them before they leave to head back to the states.  Or....Jennifer and Alan Gruber are going to have a lot to do when they arrive in Kenya in a few weeks from now!!

Andy has also been busy on the grounds of the orphanage as they purchased hibiscus and palm trees on their way out to Chuka.  If Andy is working on know it will be beautiful.  Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Wish I was in Kenya.....Cindy


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