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Thursday, July 05 2012

Mack spoke with Myra and they are doing well. They spent the day at a school in Kathigirini where Myra and Reba each taught two classes about the USA. Over 500 children attended the classes and then they played games with them. They then returned to the orphanage where they did crafts with the children. The plan is to go to another smaller school tomorrow. Myra said Reba and Andy are staying with Humphery and Helen for this first week and then moving to another home.

Phyllis, Onesmus wife, has been assisting Myra with the resource center at the orphanage. Andy, Jesse and Onsemus are working on clearing the large container on the orphanage property.  Ellyjoy and Pauline have made sure no one misses a meal or tea-time.

Reba says that Ben, our night watchman, has a small office now on the grounds as well and is very excited about it!  Helen and Daniel have been out negotiating a good price for new mattresses for the homes and in the process were also given a blanket for each bed.  They have purchased 15 fuel containers for lantern fuel for whenever the container arrives and the boy and girl kits can be delivered.  Both Reba and Andy plan to stay in the new orphanage this Friday evening when the kids have movie night.

Stay tuned!!

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