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Monday, July 16 2012

Myra called to say that they attended a local church and each taught a Sunday School class then went to the Destination Hotel for lunch. Later went to the orphanage and played cards with the children.

Yesterday Reba, Andy, and Humphery went to Muru to visit a sponsored girl who hadn't been seen in three years. She is in a boarding school and hadn't seen her mother in three years. They were able to take the mother on the trip.

Friday they visited Chera for Chera Connection Day where they visited several children. Myra was able to visit with Dennis, our sponsored child, at this house.

They were in a blackout when she called, apparently a common condition when the power goes off in the area.

Sunday night and still no container. Myra had me call Dixon who tried but wasn't able to contact Alice to check the status. In theory it was loaded on the truck Saturday morning and should have arrived today.

They will leave Chuka early Thursday for Nairobi where they will meet with the six sponsored children in that area. They will spend the night at the B&B in town before going to the airport Friday morning.


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