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Wednesday, July 18 2012

Andy is busy building EllyJoy a new clothes line in a different location because the current one does not receive enough sunlight.  Go Andy!!  Total cost of the project is 5400 shillings which amounts to about $73.

They plan to spend the evening at the orphanage with another "project" for the kids and will be leaving around 6 a.m.  tomorrow for Nairobi in order to meet up with Moffatt and visit our sponsored children there.  They will also be going to Hot Point in order to get some assistance with the washer and dryer combo unit that serves the home.

Malaria is taking a toll again on a few of our Kenya folks.  Millicent and Victor, children who live in the home, both have it and are receiving meds today at the hospital along with Helen and Freschia who are two of our board members.  Pray for their quick recovery because malaria is so rough on the body that your body puts all its energy into dealing with it and can cause you to stop growing and developing temporarily.

Reba said they are looking forward to being home soon.  She will be bringing a copy of the DVD of Daniels wedding for us all to see....can't believe he is a married man!  What a catch he is.  We are so excited for him!


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