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  • Kenya is located in Eastern Africa
  • Capital city: Nairobi
  • Population: 31 million people
  • Kenya is three time the size of Georgia
  • Kenya is 10,000 miles away from the USA
  • Only 11% of the land is farmland
  • 60% of the population is unemployed
  • Over half the population live on less than a dollar a day
  • Type of government: Democratic Republic
  • British colony until its independence in 1963.


  • Has 42 different tribes which are distinctive in their customs
  • Humphrey's tribe is Chuka. It has 70 thousand people
  • This tribe was originally hunter and gatherers, but today they have settled at Mt. Kenya slopes
  • Known for cultural dance called - Chuka drummers.


  • Was agriculturally dependent - cash crops of tea, coffee, cotton and horticultural crops - but plagued by corruption and mismanagement.
  • Tourism is now #1 - coastal beaches, African culture, wildlife, sports, Rift Valley, mountain climbing
  • BUT economy is lowest level in the last 20 years
  • Massive lay-offs, impoverished people
  • 52 percent population below poverty level, earning only $350 a year - less than $1 a day
  • 60 percent of labor force in jobless -contributes to increase in crime, high rate of school dropouts due to lack of money for fees, increased illiteracy, rising infant mortality and malnutrition along with HIV/AIDS


  • In December, 2002 the Kenyan people elected their third president, Emilio Kibaki (promoting reform and end to corruption).
  • Kenya is a beautiful country and thrives on Tourism
  • Kenya has recently been spot lighted in our local area when the top 3 men winners and top 2 women winners of the Fourth of July Peachtree Road Race were all from Kenya.
    Kenya Ministry

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