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 Erskine 1st Semester 

In My Own Words: First Semester In Erskine Seminary

I reported to Erskine Theological Seminary on February 5, 2003.  The first day was orientation.  Paul Johnson, Ann and Pam Scholtens drove me there.  They helped me go through the orientation.  They ensured that all matters pertaining to my settlement in seminary were addressed.

During my first semester in seminary, I took five courses.  The courses included Bible Survey, Christian Worship, Introduction to Theological Education, Principles of Exegesis and one independent course in Theology. All these courses added to twelve credit hours.  I came to discover later that this was a really big load for me. There was alot of papers to write, research to carry out and alot of assignments.  These courses demanded alot of time and energy.  By the end of the semester, I was tired and required a break.  With all that, I praise God because He saw me through it.  I really praised God when I received my final grades, for I scored B- in Bible Survey, B- in Principles of Exegesis, A- in Christian Worship and B in Introduction to Theological Education and a pass grade in the independent course in Theology.

Paul Johnson and Ann hosted me in their lovely home during summer vacation.  I was able to attend church at Mars Hill and be part and parcel of the Christian church family.  I was spiritually refreshed and rejuvenated.  I joined in once again in the Men of the Church Bible study, Sunday School class, Prayer Warriors Ministry and I also enrolled myself to be a greeter during Sunday morning worship

During summer vacation, I've been able to volunteer my energy to work at the MUST Ministries.  I also worked for a weekend with the Northwest Georgia Walk to Emmaus Ministry during a retreat.  It was also an exciting moment to give a lecture to young Boy Scouts about my experience as a Scout and answer some questions they had about Kenya.

Currently I'm on call for odd jobs with the members of the church, which includes working in the yard, painting, etc. Through these jobs, I've been able to raise some money to support my family during this summer break.

I feel renewed and energized to go back to seminary for my fall semester.  I will highly appreciate your prayer during this time of training for a future ministry in Kenya.  I'm convinced that as the Scriptures say:  "He who began a good work in me will bring it to accomplishment" (Philippians 1:6).

    Kenya Ministry

    Mars Hill Presbyterian Church
    3385 Mars Hill Road
    Acworth, GA 30101