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 Inquirer Info 
  1. Describe yourself as a person.
         I was born in 1962 in a small village called Chuka in the eastern part of Kenya.  I grew in a family of fifteen children.  My parents were peasant farmers.  The food they grew was not ever enough to feed this large family.  My father is a polygamist.  He has two wives.
         Education was a real struggle because my parents were unable to pay tuition and hence I had to be out of school some times.  The basic needs of life like food, shelter and clothes were insufficient during my growing up.
         My mother introduced me to Sunday school when I was young.  At the age of thirteen in 1976, I committed my life to Christ as Lord and Savior.  This happened after I observed the changed life of my elder brother who had gotten saved in high school.
         During my school and college life, I was involved in leadership among the Christian youth groups.  This involvement gave me opportunity to mature in my Christian faith.  It was at that time I learned how to lead a small group Bible study, how to preach and some basic leadership skills.
         In 1983 in a camp meeting, I experienced a call from God to be a preacher.  From that moment I became very aggressive on the things of God, especially knowing His will for my life.  Many doors and opportunities opened for me in churches, schools and colleges to preach the Gospel.
         I got married to my beloved wife in 1989.  For over fourteen years I have been happily married to my wife Hellen and God has blessed us with two beautiful children, Ales and Abigail who are thirteen and seven years respectively.  Hellen is currently living in Kenya with the children.
  2. Describe briefly your understanding of what it means to be an inquirer.  Please include the most important experience and person that have prompted you to become an inquirer.
         It is very important to have a guardian in life.  I would wish to have people who have some authority over me so that they can guide, counsel and provide fellowship.  I get motivated when I learn that someone is watching what I am doing.  This gives me better focus and drive to press on.
         I cherish having people to listen to me.  Life is full of joys, setbacks and heartache and, hence, requires people to stand with you and share with at good and bad times.  It is a gift from God to have people to share your burdens and tears with in life.  I will never forget my support group from Mars Hill Presbyterian Church where I worship.  This group has provided for me in diverse ways.  I have received a lot of counsel, guidance, prayers and financial support for my seminary education.
         Being an inquirer, to me, means extending the arm of this important supportive relationship to a wider church community.
  3. Write a brief statement of your personal faith describing what you believe about God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and your relationship to them.
         I believe that God created the heavens and the earth and everything therein.  This God is sovereign over all things.  Having a good relationship with Him is the most important thing in life.
         I believe in Jesus Christ, His only son.  This Jesus was born of the virgin Mary who was conceived of the Holy Spirit.  God came in the form of a human being and likeness.  This God (Jesus) suffered and died for mankind.  Jesus' death on the cross was the final sacrifice to mediate our relationship with God, the Father.  All who go to Him in faith receive this forgiveness of sins and restoration.  There is no other way to God except through Jesus Christ, His son.
         I believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.  His role is to teach, guide and comfort.  The Scripture assures us that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we cannot be able to pray.  The Holy Spirit binds all believers in Christ together, despite their time in history, nationality, color, race, etc.  This will happen as long as they profess Christ as Lord and Savior.
    The Holy Spirit rekindles good works in the life of a believer.  These good works include liberating the oppressed, feeding the hungry, feeding the wounded in the Spirit and flesh.
  4. What does it mean to be a Presbyterian:
         To be a Presbyterian is to believe that the word of God is authoritative in all matters of faith.  Presbyterians believe that salvation is by the grace of God alone.  The written word of God is given pre-eminence and is expressed in sermons, confessions, hymns, doxologies and in affirmation of faith. 
    Being a Presbyterian, you are guided by a constitution.  This constitution and other church policies may change after deemed needed after prayerful and thoughtful deliberations by the church.   The constitution consists of the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions.
         To be a Presbyterian is to live in community with other believers world wide: that is, to be ecumenical.  This means we are to work for the human well being in local churches and the church at large.
         To be a Presbyterian is to live in unity in diversity.
         The church members are represented by elected officials.  These officers act on behalf of  the church members through the church bodies. These church bodies include the session, Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.  When governing bodies meet, there are deliberations made and reports are shared for information of what is happening in the church in general.
  5. Describe your current spiritual practices and disciplines.
         I am an active member of Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.  I have a practice of attending church gatherings which includes Sunday services, Sunday school, prayer meetings, church seminars, etc.  I am an active member of my adult Sunday school class, Men of the Church Bible study which meets on Saturday mornings at 8:00AM.  I'm also a member of the Prayer Warriors group which meets every week on Thursday morning at 10:00AM.
         I've had several opportunities to speak to various groups in the church about my personal testimony and my walk of faith with God.  I ?ve enrolled myself in the ushering ministry.  This is a ministry of greeting people every Sunday morning as they come to church. 
         I have the practice of daily Scripture reading, prayer and meditation on the word of God.  I have received several invitations and appointments to preach in churches or talk to conferences and retreats.
  6. Who is your ideal (role model) for ministry?  What do you expect in your ministry? What aspect of ministry do you find least interesting?
         My role model in ministry is a Scottish missionary called Dr. Heaven.  This Presbyterian missionary brought the Gospel in my community in the early 1900's.  He established a mission station at a place called Chogoria in the eastern part of Kenya.  This missionary labored there for many years.  He and his wife died and were buried there at Chogoria.  By the time of his death, he had opened many churches, schools and a hospital.  Within a period of over 40 years of service to God, he had transformed my community by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The schools which he began is where I gained my education.  I can confidently say that I'm a fruit of his labor in my community.  This missionary and servant of God painted a very vivid picture in my mind through his works on what it means to serve God.
         After my seminary education, I would wish to help train pastors in Kenya.  I feel I've a calling to teach in seminary.  I would enjoy helping in training and equipping of pastors and missionaries in Kenya.
    I also would want to be actively involved in the church as a pastor. As much as it is possible  I would want to combine these two roles in my service and ministry.
         In my service and ministry to God, I expect to see people change towards Godliness.  The happiest moment of my ministry is to see a lost soul come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.  I'm very excited to see the same grow in faith and become productive in church and society.  I would labor to see this kind of a change and effect in my ministry. 
         I will also seek to influence social economic change in my community and country.  I will encourage the church to bring people close to obtaining schools, health centers and help feed the hungry.  The church will also be encouraged to promote strong communities and strong Christian families.
  7. What are you doing to maintain your physical and emotional health?
         At the moment, I am living with [deleted] family.  This family is my guardian.  I regard them as my parents.  Their home provides me with a homely environment.
    During my vacations, I do odd jobs of working in the yards.  This provides me opportunity to exercise my body and keep fit.  I'm currently learning how to play tennis.
  8. Comment on what have been (are) some of your more meaningful interests and hobbies.
  • Bicycle cycling - I have enjoyed bicycle cycling all my life.  I have used a bicycle as a means of transport in Kenya and have maintained it as a hobby.
  • Chair reading - I enjoy reading on a chair on a cool day.
  • Playing tennis - This is a new game I'm learning how to play.  I derive a lot of pleasure in doing it.  The game also give me a chance to exercise my body.
  • Walking - I enjoy an evening walk or whenever my mind is tired.
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