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The Kenya Connection has formed a board of directors to work with Humphrey and his board in Kenya to better facilitate and carry out plans for all that God wants to accomplish with this ministry. There has been a great response from the community to this ministry and having a board to help delegate and accomplish the many tasks and help co-ordinate the efforts from both sides will greatly enhance the work of all involved.

The board in Kenya includes:

  • President and Director of Sponsored Children: Humphrey Kanga
  • Director of Orphanage and Grounds: Paul Murianki
  • Vice President and Treasurer: Julius Mwebia
  • Secretary and Director of Policies and Procedures: Daniel Murage
  • Director of Sponsored Children: Hellen Muthengi
  • Directors of Logistics: Ann Murianki, Frecia Mwebia

The board at Mars Hill includes:

  • Chairman: Louise Mell
  • Vice Chairman: Cindy Turner
  • Secretary: Mandy Hosfeld
  • Director of Sponsored Children: Louise Mell
  • Directors of Orphanage/Grounds: Chuck King, Paul Mell
  • Director of Policies/Procedures: Michael Porter
  • Directors of Fundraising: McGee Smith, Leslie Norden
  • Director of Logistics/Supplies: Dickson Lester
  • Director of Mission Trips: Cindy Turner
    • Vacation Bible School (VBS): Reba Harrison
    • Medical: Julie Graiser
  • Prayer Official: Ann Johnson
  • Website Editor / Computer and Internet Logistics: Jennifer Harris
    Kenya Ministry

    Mars Hill Presbyterian Church
    3385 Mars Hill Road
    Acworth, GA 30101