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April 28, 2013: We're having a chili fundraiser lunch to raise money for KCK! It will be right after church and we're asking that everyone who is able would bring a big pot of chili to share. $5 per person or $15 per family.

The Kenya Connection Kids charity is gearing up for an exciting season ahead. You can spread "flowery" cheer to your loved ones while at the same time donating to our children. For more details see the flyer below or contact Mimi at or (678) 324-1336.


Our container is here and we are already packing! We are taking final orders for Boy Kits, Girl Kits, Light Kits, Bedding Kits, Solar Flashlights and Backpacks! If you would like to order any of these for your child, please see the form below and contact me (! You can copy and paste the picture of the forms below into word document and print them off and bring them to church.

If you do not sponsor a child, but would like to purchase a kit for one, just fill out "For Any Child" on the form and send it in!

We will be personally delivering these kits in July! I can't WAIT to see the looks on those little faces!

If you have a box of personal items to send to your child, we need them by Sunday, Feb 5, to get them strategically located in the container. Please plan ahead ~ we will not be able to carry any gifts with us on the flights this year.

Thanks again for all you do for our Kenya Kids!
Michelle Marshall
Save the date! The Kenya Music Festival will be on April 28, 2012! More info to come as details are decided!
Lots of good news to share with the group regarding Kenya Connection Kids:

– Eastminister Church sent $1000.00 to help with Paul Murianki's tuition!

-Good news, Grandma Anna is getting a new leg. $206 will be wired this month from the ‘Uncle Bob’ money.

- Alice in Tharaka who suffers from terrible seizures will get to a hospital for testing soon. $97 will be wired this month from the ‘Uncle Bob’ money

- We continue to follow up with Humphrey on the sick children we met this summer and will provide updates

- Eastminister Church donated 500.00 toward the container, 4000.00 toward KCK

- Church in SC Donated 800.00 toward KCK

Thanks for all the help, and thanks be to God!
Alan Gruber
Our new container has arrived! It ships out March 15. Until then we are meeting each Saturday morning at someone's house to help pack boxes for what will go into the container, and then start packing up the container. If you are able to help on any Saturday, please e-mail Louise Mell at so she can get you info on where they will be! Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to Dickson for his hard work in helping get this!
Also, a small office has been built on the property of the children's home! This way Humphrey and Daniel will be able to be closer to the children and have their own space instead of renting a space in town.
Jennifer Harris
    Kenya Ministry

    Mars Hill Presbyterian Church
    3385 Mars Hill Road
    Acworth, GA 30101